Newborn Photographer- Expert in Snapping a Napping Baby Effectively

Clicking newborns is one of the most amazing experiences. Capturing the innocence of
those little delicate angels is a challenging task as well! Especially preparing them to pose
as per your visualization is tricky. Hence hiring a professional newborn photographer
becomes necessary.

Newborn photography is one of the most rewarding as well as difficult branches of
photography for a photographer. Taking candid shots of adults is much easier than that of a
baby as adults pose according to your demands but a baby poses according to their own
wish. Hence posing is the key factor for any photography.
Few things that need to be taken care of while snapping a napping baby:
 Safety is foremost:
Safety is the most important thing that matters the most when newborns are
involved as they are extremely delicate and fragile. So making safety an absolute
priority is a must.
 Session Pre-Preparation:
Before starting the session preparing the session location is a must. Preparation
includes the following:
 Set the temperature of the room to make the baby comfortable and happy
especially when they are not swaddled. Also suggest the parents to get light
clothes for the baby so that the baby is comfortable enough.
 Wash your hands well before starting the session so that you don’t spread
germs that may affect the weak and developing immune system of the

 Keep any kind of jewelries at bay to keep it simple and safe for the baby.
 Avoid fragrances as the smelling sense of the newborn is highly sensitive and
it can upset the baby quickly.
 Keep all your props, blankets etc. ready much before you take any photos so
that the baby doesn’t get disturbed and you get to capture the best shots.
 Another aspect that mostly has been ignored is preparing the parents of the
newborn and ensuring them that their baby is completely safe with you
during the session.

Posing is one of the most challenging tasks for many photographers and when it comes to
making a newborn pose is even more terrifying for most! But a professional newborn
photographer knows how to make a baby pose safely and properly.
Below are few easy and safe basic poses one can try on the newborns to achieve a great
 Back Pose:
The most simple and natural pose for a newborn. Just make them sleep on their
back and put their hands on their tummy. Do not forget to take closer snaps using
macro lens as you may miss out those cute wrinkly hands and puckering little lips.
And these little details create great stories that the parents wish to cherish and
remember for years to come.
 Side Lying Pose:
It is another simple and safe pose for a newborn. For this pose first let the baby
sleep on their tummy then slowly and gently make them rest on their side arm
crossing the legs. Now take the snaps directly facing the baby to get the most
cherished perspective of a sleeping baby.
 Tummy Pose:
It is one of the best and versatile poses that provide clicks from various angles with
cute variations. For making this pose an amazing one adjust their hands underneath
their chin. Then you can shoot from top-down as well as front side portrait

Are you a newbie parent? Want to create beautiful stories and memories of your newborn
and looking for an expert newborn photographer in Dubai! Then get in touch with Gaga
Photography today at newborn



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Newborn Photographer- Expert in Snapping a Napping Baby Effectively

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