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Cake Smash

It’s a tradition in many cultures to "go big" when celebrating a first birthday. First birthdays are extra special as they are not just the celebration of the child, but also a celebration of the many challenges parents overcome in the first year. One of the more recent trends in the photography industry is a session dedicated to first birthdays, known more specifically as "cake smash." How this trend got started is a bit of a mystery, but it has evolved overtime into a full-blown event that even sometime includes a milestone and bubble bath photo session.

When it comes to cake smash photography or session, we believe in individualization. The theme and style of the photo shoot is customized and their overall ideas. A cake smash session typically starts out with a phone call or an email from the client enquiring about availability and pricing.

When parents decide to have a cake smash session with Gaga photography, a large number of them already have themes in mind. This includes popular picks like whimsical garden, Jungle king, nautical, and the list goes on.

The average cake smash set takes about an hour to build. When parents arrive for their cake smash appointment, the goal is to have everything ready for cake smash and to start photographing right away before the child gets too tired. We always start by capturing a family and milestone pictures before the actual cake is introduced for cake smash session. It can get interesting when we finally introduce the cake and babies start cake smash and love it and some cases there are the babies who don’t know what to do with the cake and need their parent's assistance. The last category is the babies who timidly try the cake first and then dive head first into it. We love documenting these cake smash moments, regardless of how the baby reacts, because they provide the parents with memories they can treasure for a lifetime. For us, as photographers, it is also fun to see what the children will do when presented with the cake, and capturing each individual reaction is priceless.

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