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Dubai Visa Photo Requirements

Are you planning to visit UAE soon? Several documents you may need when applying for a UAE visa. These documents vary depending on the purpose of your visit; however, one thing that is common for every application is a UAE Visa photo. And if you are concerned about the specific requirements for the UAE visa photo, then we at Gaga-Photography are there for your help.

Being a reputable photo studio in Dubai, we know all the rules and requirements for getting the right Dubai Visa photo. We understand that if one does not abide by the specifications, their visa application might get rejected. So it is necessary to take the UAE photo visa in a professional studio, and it should not be older than six months as it needs to reflect your current appearance.

Besides that, there are several Dubai visa photo requirements that we at Gaga-Photography will make you aware of so that your visa application does not get rejected.

Typically a UAE Visa photo size should be 43 mm x 55 mm. However, you need to submit a 2-inch x 2-inch photo in some places. An electronic copy of the picture needs to be 300 pixels in width and 369 pixels in height. To avoid any confusion, you must have a talk with your sponsor.

Specifications of UAE Visa photo

Apart from size:

  • The background of the picture should be white without any patterns,

  • The photo needs to be a colored one.

  • It would be best if you were in the center.

  • Your head, hair, ears, and shoulders should be clear in the picture.

  • Your face must take up 70 to 80 percent of the picture

  • The quality of the picture needs to be clear without any shadows, glare or exposure.

  • Wear darker-colored clothing.

  • Wear no other unwanted accessories like a hat or a hairband.

  • The photo must show your real skin tone (no filters to be used)

  • Avoid wearing eyeglasses. If necessary, then make sure the glasses do not obscure your eyes and brows.

  • Photo should be printed on good quality photo paper.

These are the essential Dubai Visa photo requirements. Contact us, Gaga-Photography, for more details.


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