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Headshot Photography Backgrounds: The Dos & Don’ts

Is it safe to say that you are searching for another headshot, yet not exactly certain how it could look?

Most people stress over what they will wear, or how to do their hair and cosmetics. What is usually missed is the idea behind the other visual components in their headshot photoshoot - the lighting and the background.

"Yet, isn't this the photographer's work?". Indeed - obviously. A professional headshot photographer should have the option to direct these decisions to praise their subject. However, it additionally helps to assume you have thoughts and inclinations. All things considered, you realize yourself best, and your perspective counts.

It's a cooperative exertion between the subject and the photographer (it ought to be, as I would see it).

Types Of Headshot Backgrounds:

There are three types of backgrounds we will discuss.

Studio, Outside and Natural.


For this article, I will allude to all plain backgrounds as studio backgrounds (regardless of whether they aren't taken in a professional photography studio). A studio background is a basic block tone or changing tone. The advantage of a studio headshot background is it takes into consideration the emphasis to remain on you, their variety can be controlled, and they look proficient.


Many individuals appreciate outside backgrounds for a casual vibe. Your photographer will utilize focal point decisions and camera settings to decide how the background will look (ie: how obscured it is), and this can be a viable method for keeping your headshot looking proficient and maintaining the attention on you.


You probably won't understand what a natural background is in headshot photography. At the point when I allude to a natural foundation, we are utilizing an area (could be a home, bistro, office, working environment, and so on) to recount a greater amount of the story or establish a feeling of climate in your representation. With the right lighting and styling decisions, this choice can look similarly as expert as any studio arrangement.

The most effective method to Pick:

Pick what is best for you by considering:

1-Your budget (does the photographer offer this multitude of choices, and is there a cost contrast?).

2-Your industry (what integrates with your field?).

3 - Your Visual Preferences (what style requests to you?).

The most effective method to Ensure Your Headshot Background Is Perfect (the "Do's"):

  • Guarantee you're sticking out, and not mixing in. Your background should commend you, and keep you as the focus of the headshot.

  • Use tones and colours that function admirably for your appearance, your outfit, eye tone, and hair colour.

  • Keep the background industry-oriented and permit it to interface back to what you do. If you're outdoorsy then a studio headshot probably won't fit.

Stay away from These Things (the "don'ts"):

  • Ensure your experience doesn't occupy you. Keep it spotless and not excessively occupied.

  • Abstain from shadowing on your experience (if you're utilizing a plain studio style) - an expert photographer will guarantee this.

  • Utilize a foundation that is unimportant to you or your industry.

  • Recall that your whole headshot ought to be loaded up with components that supplement you and the picture by and large. Pick colors that cooperate, ensure you're the concentration, and guarantee that the correspondence of every component draws out your best.


In conclusion, choosing the right background for your headshot is a significant choice that can fundamentally affect the general look and feel of the last picture. Whether you pick an exemplary studio background, an outside normal setting, or a natural area, the key is to choose a choice that supplements your own style, industry, and visual inclinations.


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