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Newborn Photographer in Dubai

So you are interested in booking a photography session for newborns, but you are not sure who to go with? Other than their price list and venue, there are so many things you need to know!

1.) Have you had any photography experience for newborns? This is such an interesting question to ask (if it's not on their website) as it makes the difference between professional and not-so-professional photography of a newborn. When thinking about the wellbeing of your newborn, it also makes all the difference.

2.) How long have you been doing photography of newborns?

Experience is often essential to security. This ensures that they are prepared for any form of the newborn by having several years of experience. It means that they know how to keep your baby happy and relaxed. Except for feeds, you should scarcely have to raise a finger at a newborn session, as your newborn photographer will do it all!

3.) Do you edit the pictures professionally? Are the presented images edited? Professional editing is an art and the style of your newborn photographer should be reflected. Editing a newborn session takes several many hours as newborn skin is often a little tricky, there are also many photoshop tricks used to pose safely!

4.) Do you do sessions in the studio or at home? This all relies on your personal preference for a session with a newborn. I generally think that you can get the best consistent output with a studio photographer among newborn photographers as they can get consistent results with their studio lighting, props, etc. and are not reliant on the size of a room in a house or the atmosphere at a home (I used to find some homes too cold for a newborn session and with too little or too much light from windows)


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