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Newborn Photographer in Dubai

Many of my customers with newborn photography in Dubai have a few concerns about their upcoming newborn pictures of their lifestyle. I figured this would be a perfect subject to discuss on my blog so that more can be learned from all new parents!

When are we going to book a photographer for Dubai Newborn? In Dubai, the majority of newborn photographers book 3 months in advance. I personally restrict my calendar to 6-8 sessions a month, so I have more scheduling flexibility for my customers. I recommend booking them as soon as possible if you find a photographer you really love, even if it's 6 months out! I don't hate anything more than having to turn away a client because I'm already booked.

At what age should Newborn photos be taken?

The advice for newborn images is most frequently to do the session within the first 2 weeks/14 days after the baby has been born. This means that during the first few weeks, you get those teeny tiny baby images and usually they sleep longer. I also prefer the first two weeks as a lifestyle Dubai newborn photographer but have done sessions without a problem for up to 4 weeks. My focus is not on modeling or props, but rather on natural photographs of the baby in the crib and in the arms of mom and dad.

What should parents wear in newborn photos?

I recommend jeans with a nice top or a maxi dress for mothers for baby photography. Especially for sitting on the bed pictures, the longer the better when it comes to dresses. Jeans or khakis for dad and a nice top (polo shirt, button-down with rolled-up

sleeves). As these take away from the classic look that we are aiming for, avoid something with logos or graphics.

Think about the décor in your home when it comes to the color palette and where pictures of the baby could be put like the nursery. In that room, are there warmer colors or cooler colors? When dealing with newborns, lighter colors perform much easier and are less intrusive. Neon colors such as hot pink, violet, neon green, and canary yellow are avoided. These can cast non-pleasing colors on the baby's face. Like light pink, blue, white, cream, green, etc., pastel colors and neutrals are best.


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