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Selecting a Professional Newborn Photographer in Dubai

Select a professional photographer who specializes in newborns.

Choosing a photographer who has experience working with newborn babies is critical. You want someone who has a proven portfolio of newborns and someone who deals with babies with special training.

Select your colors and theme ahead of time.

There are an endless number of shades, props, wraps and other information that could be used during your session with the newborn. Select your family of colors ahead of time. I typically suggest picking a primary color and then a family of neutrals. Keep in mind where they will hang these pictures. If they are mostly used in the nursery, then select colors that match the room's decor. We have a large range of wraps and props at Gaga Photography Studio to create any color scheme you could think of.

AVOID EATING Some SPICY While YOU are Breastfeeding.

Twenty four hours to avoid spicy or exotic foods until your session. During the newborn session, you do not want to eat something that could disturb your baby's tummy.

For 1 to 2 hours before your newborn session, keep your baby awake.

Really, I ought to have first discussed this one. If you do nothing else, PLEASE do this to prepare for your session! Play with your boy, give him a bath, hold him naked, ANYTHING to keep him awake for the two hours following the session with the newborn. This is the number one thing you can do to keep him asleep and let us get all those sweet newborn poses during our time together.

GET your "MILK DRUNK" baby.

Right before you get in the car to come to the session, feed your baby. Make sure he/she has a belly that's very full. It's all right to let fall asleep in the car on the way to a meeting.


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